Business Collaboration is a bespoke consultancy focused on working with multi-stakeholder organisations involved in the delivery of a common goal.  We provide consultancy, development, coaching and support to assist our clients create enhanced value (both financial and social) to their clients.

We adopt a 4-dimensional approach to our work.  We look at the whole of the system: the mindsets, the behaviours, the culture and the processes. Each of the 4-dimensions impact on each other.

Over the years of being involved in this type of consulting we have seen great examples of collaboration and some horror stories!  The common feature of great collaboration is healthy relationship dynamics and strangely enough the common feature of the horror stories is dysfunctional relationship dynamics!  You would be right if you’re thinking this is all about relationship dynamics…it is.

How do we achieve business collaboration?

Using a blended mix of facilitation, coaching, training and support we can collaborate with you and your partners to catalyse change in your system.  We acknowledge all partnerships are unique and bring their own challenges and seek first to understand the needs and wants.  Having listened we create opportunities for the partners to engage with new approaches that will shift the existing relationship dynamics.  This process is iterative and will result in all partners adapting and operating in a more collaborative style.  You will see extra value being created through your efforts and this momentum will continue and will expand across all aspects of the relationship.