Our extensive exposure to collaborative working environments has led to the design and development of bespoke programmes.
We start developing the Core Competencies that facilitate collaborative business relationships.  This is our ‘Practitioner’ level programme and is designed as a personal development experience.  Attendees on this programme will be guided through a process that brings them to the level of unconscious competence in collaborative behaviour.  Their natural instinct will be to collaborate rather than compete when involved with stakeholders delivering a common goal.
Following successful completion of the ‘Practitioner’ programme delegates will be able to complete the ‘Master Practitioner’ of Collaborative Leadership programme.  This will give delegates a leadership development experience like no other.  The intent of this programme is to create leaders that operate from the highest level of maturity…Interdependence.  Only through operating from this place can collaboration actually succeed.  Obtaining this level of maturity will require the delegates to recognise where they make inappropriate choices and commit to behaviours that underpin highly effective behaviour.  This is not an easy programme to complete, the emphasis is on individuals choosing to transform themselves…if they choose not to they will not complete the programme.